1500 Instruments

1500 Instruments Mega Pack
  • Pop Rock
  • Hip-Hop
  • Electronica
  • Orchestral
  • World
  • Sound Effects

Digital Sound Factory Mega Pack is a fresh collection of Pop, Hip-Hop, Electronica, Orchestral, World , and Sound Effect sounds combined for easy access and quick creation. Originating from the legendary E-MU Systems Emulator sound library, this collection is a one of a kind. Each instrument includes the original samples keymaped to work with any MIDI controller. Packed with 1500 instruments, this economical solution gives the modern digital sound composer access to large quantities of sound content.

1500 Instruments - Instrument Listing

    HIP HOP     
0B4 StringAs All Scratch 8VChoralOrch 12 String Guitar AB Pedal Air Raiders
0B4 Strngs Sweep AllScratch C1-B2 AcousticKits 1&2 12 String Nylon Accordian Airglow
303 Bass Basic Flute #1 AcousticKits 3&4 12 String Short African Instruments All Animals
808 DR Layout Basic Flute #2 All Percussion 12 String Slurrr African Recorder Alto Growl
9000 Basss ic Almglocken 24 String Guitar Agogo Bell Ambient Age
Air Bag Bleep BBD Scratch Angelica 6-String Air Gamelan Applause
Air Exasperater Below Sub Bass Arco Basses 9ft Grand Piano All Drums Atmosfear
Air Strings Chorus Flute #1 Arco Celli Ac. Guitar All Percussion 2 Auga Luna
All Beats Chorus Flute #2 Arco Octaves Acoustic Bass All Percussion BadMotorScooterz
All LFO & Fade Clavinet Arco Strings Acoustic Guitar Amazon Shaker Banshee Wind
Analog FX Drums Cold Scratch 1 Arco Violas Ahhctave Pad Angel Vox Bass Harmonics
Analog Pulsar Bass Cold Scratch 2 Arco Violins Alien Piano Bag Pipe Drone & Chant Bass Hit 1
Art Piano Crazy Scratch Basic Flute #1 All Brass Baggers Bass Hit 2
Attack Rim Drum Stab Basic Flute #2 All Drums Banjo Bass Hit 3
Bass Bang Drum Stall Bass Clarinet All Perc Layout Banya Hit Bass Hit 4
Beat 01 Dry Flute #1 Bass Drum Analog Bell Banya Slap Beastly Growl
Beat 02 Dry Flute #2 Bassoon Attack Ahhs Banya Tone Bee
Beat 03 Duet Bell Split Balzy Octaves Bapepipe Drone Bird Ambience
Beat 04 DX Bass 1 Bender Synth Balzy Sax Bata Drums Bkwds Noise FX
Beat 05 DX Bass 2 Bent Campana BalzySansVibrato Bata Enutone Boubou Birds
Beat 06 DX Bass 3 Bottle Blow Bantu Guitar Pad Bata Hi Mute Break Glass
Beat 07 Embellishments Brass Orch Pad Baritone Vib Bata Hi Slap Cannon
Beat 08 EP Bass 1 Bright Harp Basic Clavinet Bata Hi Tone Car Horn
Beat 09 EP Bass 2 Campana Tremolo Basic Gtr Dark BataIpTone Cartoon Horn Hit
Beat 1 113 BPM EP Bass 3 Campana Basic Guitar BataIpuSlap Celestial Winds
Beat 10 EP Fog Carillon Bells Basic OBX Voice Bell Koto Choir Arpg
Beat 2 115 BPM EP Hits Carillon Glide Bass Bridge Bendir Chord Hit
Beat 3 115 BPM EP Roll 1 Carillon Bass Harmonics Big Logs Chorus Choir
Beat 4 118 BPM EP Roll 2 Celesta Bass Neck Bonang Creepy Breath
Beat 5 118 BPM EP Roll 3 Cello Bass Stick Bottle Blow Crickets
Beat 6 119 BPM Fast Scratch Chamber 1 BassThud Scrape Bowed El Sitar Dance Chord
Beat 7 121 BPM Frenzy Scratch Chamber 2 Beauty Floating Bull Roarer Dance Effects
Beat 8 121 BPM Fretless 1 Chamber 3 Bender Synth Buzz Likembe Dial Tone
Beat 9 123 BPM Fretless 2 Choir & Strings Big City Brass Cabasa Digi-Lead
Beats 113-123bpm Fretless 3 Choir Aahs Oct Big Room Oohs Castanets Disco Horn
Beats @ 118 Fretless 4 Choir Aahs Wide Bone Tpt 2 Caxixi Donkey
Bell Hit Fun Scratch 1 Choir Aahs Bone Tpt Cha Cha Bell Door Monster
Below Sub Fun Scratch 2 Clarinet Bowed Piano Chanter A Door Screech
Big Bubba's Bass Fun Scratch 3 Clavinet Brass Hits 1 Chanter B Double Synth FX
BoilerRoomVoices Fun Scratch Combo Brass Brass Hits 2 Charanga Bell Druid & Vox
Boing & Boom Gtr Another Hit Combo Strings Brass Octaves Chiff Chime Druid Drone
Boing Bang ! Gtr Chord Chuck Concert Tom 1 Brass Section Chime Strike Echo Hit
Bottom Hit Gtr Funky Hit Concert Tom 2 Brazz 5th Wave China Gong Echo Synth
Brazz Deluxe Gtr Hi Chuck Concert Tom 3 Breathy Sax Clapper Stick Elevator
Brazz Gtr Jangle Concert Tom 4 Brilliant Gtr Crickets Equation Personna
Breath Hit Gtr Jazz Riff 1 Contra Basoon Brite Bone Croate Pad Fear & HBells
Bright & Sombre Gtr Jazz Riff 2 Contrabassoon Broad & Brite Crotales Fear Strings
BrightHousePiano Gtr Jazz Riff 3 Cymbals Broad Bone Deff Mute Foots
Bubba's Bad Bass Gtr Klean Chuck DarkStrings Brown Wurli Trem Deff Slap FX 1
Chorus Strings Gtr Riff 1 Delayed Octaves Buzz Synth Desert Organ FX 2
Claps Gtr Riff 2 Dist El Gtr Funk Slap Bass Didjeridone FX 3
CMI Organ Breath Gtr Riff 3 E. Horn Funk Slap Didjeridu 1 FX 4
CMI Springsteel Gtr Scratch English Horn Funky Kit Didjeridu 2 FX 5
Combo I Gtr Slide Riff Enhanced Pipe Fuzz Organ Didjeridu 3 FX 6
Combo II Gtr Up Stroke Ersatz Fretless Fuzzy Stick Digi Pad 1 FX 7
Combo III Gtr Wawa 1 F. Horn & Winds Ghostly Voices Digi Pad 2 FX 8
Cowbell Hit Gtr Wawa 2 F. Horn Section Gothic Digi Pad 3 Game 1
Cymbals Hats Gtr Wawa 3 Filtered Strings Gritty B Wave Dragon Fire Game 10
CZ Droid Gtr Wawa 4 First Symphony Groove Pad Dream Sequencer Game 2
CZ Synth Strings Gtr Wawa 5 Flute Bed 1 Guitar Feedback Drone Chant A Game 3
Dance Blip 1 Gtr Wawa 6 Flute Bed 2 Guitar Overdrive Drone Chant B Game 4
Dance Hit Guitar Hit On It Flute Guitar Thrash Dulcimer Game 5
Dance Kicks Harmonica Fourth Symphony Hard & Growl Sax East Indian Game 6
Dance Percussion Hip Hop Hit French Fifths Hard & Vib Sax Eastern Harp Game 7
Dance Set Hollow Deep French Horn Hard Alto Sax El Sitar Pad Game 8
Dance Snares Home Bass 1 French Horns Hard Baritone Electric Sitar Game 9
Dance Synth 1 Home Bass 2 French Octaves Hard Rhodes Flanged World Vox Game Attack
Dance Synth 10 Jazz Short French Swoon Hard Rock Haze Flangly Men Game Bass
Dance Synth 11 Jo Scratch Fretless Bass 1 Hard Rock Organ Gamelan Game Grunge
Dance Synth 12 Keyngdom Fretless Bass 2 Hard Tine Piano Guiro Ghost Dance
Dance Synth 13 Kick Scratch 1 Glockenspiel Hard Trumpet Guitar Ghost Song
Dance Synth 14 Kick Scratch 2 Glockenvibes Hard Vibrato Sax Hammered Dulcimer Gong Scrape
Dance Synth 15 Kit 1 Grand Piano 1 Harmon Mute Trumpet Hammered Octaves Gtr Body Knock
Dance Synth 16 Kit 10 Grand Piano 2 Harmonic Kavier Hand Bell Guitar Scrape 1
Dance Synth 17 Kit 2 Hard Trumpet Harmonic No Vib Harmonica Guitar Scrape 2
Dance Synth 2 Kit 3 Harp & Strings Harmonic Vibrato Harmonium Hells Bells
Dance Synth 3 Kit 4 Harp Harpsichord Harp Guitar Hippo Grunt 1
Dance Synth 4 Kit 5 Harpsichord 8ve Hearts of Space Hi Hat Closed Hippo Grunt 2
Dance Synth 5 Kit 6 Harpsichord Trem Heaven's Reprise Hi Hat Open Hit 2a
Dance Synth 6 Kit 7 Harpsichord Hi Conga Hi Tar Hit 2b
Dance Synth 7 Kit 8 Layered Bells Hi Timbale HoChiMin Hit 2c
Dance Synth 8 Kit 9 Layered Solo Strings.sf High Bars Hula Stick Hit 2d
Dance Synth 9 Low Scratch Lead Horn & Strings High Decay Indian Instrument 1 Horn Hit 1
Das Synth 2 MC Scratch Lead String & Strngs.sf High Draw Bar 1 Indian Instrument 2 Horn Hit 2
Das Synth Mini 1 Lead Wind & Strings High Draw Bar 2 Indian Instrument 3 Horn Hit 3
DB Bass Mini 2 LtoR Strings High Swell Indian Instrument 4 Horn Hit 4
Deep Neck Bass Mini 3 Male Choir Hip Hop Kit Indian Instrument 5 Horn Hit 5
Digi Accentuate Mini 4 Marcato 1 Honky Tonk CP Indian Percussion Horn Hit 6
Digi Matrix Bass Mixed Oct Sweep Marcato 2 Honky Tonk Klav Irish Harp Horn Hit
Digi Wire Synth Mixed Octaves Marcato Octaves Honky Tonk Piano Jaw Harp 1 Horro Complete
Don't Stop!!! 36-50 Mood Strings Marcato Strings Honky Tonk Jaw Harp 10 Horse Winnie
Doo Hit Muted Chorus #1 Marimbas Octs Horn Doiks Jaw Harp 11 Inspiration
Dream Pad Muted Chorus #2 Marimbas Horns Jaw Harp 12 Juno Bass
Dreamy Muted Flute #1 Matrix Strings Horse Shoe Organ Jaw Harp 2 Little Breath
Dub Claps Muted Flute #2 mf Trumpet Hot Keys Jaw Harp 3 Little Car Horn
DX Organ Now Scratch Misc Percussion Ice Rain Jaw Harp 4 Loop 1a
E-Bow SloStrings Octave Flute #1 Modern Symphony Jazz Guitar Trem Jaw Harp 5 Loop 1b
E-Bow Strings Octave Flute #2 New Age Church 1 Jazz Guitar Jaw Harp 6 Loop 1c
Electro Sneeze Oh Yaaah New Age Church 2 Jazz Organ Jaw Harp 7 Loop 1d
Errr Aaah Snatch Organ Blipper New Orch Pad Jazz Traps Jaw Harp 8 Low Pizz Arp
Ethnic Loop Phat Pad Oboe Jazzy Haze Organ Jaw Harp 9 Metal Crickets
Falling Synth Phlappy Bass Octa Strings Jazzy Organ Jaw Harp A#-D Micro Meteorite
FingBass&Harms 1 Piano Wave OctaChrsStrings Juno Perc Bass Jaw Harp C-E Molecula
FingBass&Harms 2 Plunger Octave Orch Jupiter Strings Jaw Harp F-A Monkey Scream
FM EP 1 Pocket Bass Octave Strings Just 2nd Perc Jews Harp 1 Noise Ip Wave
FM EP 2 Power Q Bass Orch Batterie Just 3rd Perc Jews Harp B Noise Spectrum 1
FM Hit VP-1 PPG Bass Orch Hit C3 JX Brass Rez Jews Harp C Noise Spectrum 2
GM Dance Pretty EP Orch Percussion JX Brass Jews Harp D Noise Spectrum 3
Gtr Heavy Dive Q Attack Sub Percussion Layout 1 JX3P Brass Jews Harp Noise Spectrum 4
Gtr Heavy Hit Q Bass 1 Percussion Layout 2 Kick Stacks Kalimba & Recorder Old Game
Gtr MutedScratch Q Bass 2 Percussion Layout 3 Klingon Chimer Kalimba FX Organ Chord
Guiro Q Bass 3 Piatti Large Kit Kalimba Short Out of Africa
Guitar Mutes Q snap Piccolo Latin Percussion Kalimba Panned Horn Hits
Guitar Pop Slide Rast Keys Pipe Organ Oct Lead Stick Kenong Perc Combos
Guitar Pop Ripped Pipe Organ Light Aahs Kick Drum Phone Ring
Guitar Slide Sad Guitar Pizz Bass Lo Conga Koto & Sitar Pick
Hats 1 Saw Bass Pizz Basses Lo Timbale Koto Detuned Pig Snort
Hats 2 Sax FX 1 Pizz Celi Lover Pad Koto Vibrato Pink Noise
Heavy Waves Sax FX 2 Pizz Celli Low and Dirty Koto Pipe Hit
Heavy Waves1 Sax FX 3 Pizz Octaves Combo Low Draw Bar 1 Latin Bells Plethora
Heavy Waves2 Sax Riff Pizz Viola Low Draw Bar 2 Latin Drums Poing!!!
Hollow Hi Scratch 1 Pizz Violas M12 Sync Lead Latin Hand Drums Pop Bass
Hollow Low Scratch Attack 1 Pizz Violin Marcato Strings Latin Shakers Power Stop
Hollow Mid Scratch Attack 2 Pizz Violins Marimba Likembe Buzz Quack Horn
Ice Drop Synth Scratch Diss Pizzicato 8ve 2 Mark Dyno 1 Likembe Pad Ray 1
Jax Breath Scratch Here Pizzicato 8ve Mark Dyno 2 Likembe Ray 2
JP-6 Pad Soft Scratch Hit Pizzicato Bass Mark I EP Log Drum 1 Ray 3
JP-6 Pad Scratch On It PizzicatoStrings Mark I Hard Log Drum 2 Ray 4
JP-6 Punch Synth Scratch Out! Quartet Mark I Soft Trem Logimbas Ray 5
JP4 Bass Scratch Up Rodez Harp Mark I Soft Mambo Bell Ray 6
JP4 Ultra Wash Scratch Whirl 1 Second Symphony Mark I Tremolo Mandolin Tremolo Reverb Slam
JP8 PulseTremolo Scratch Whirl 2 Section Strings Matrix Strings Mandolin Wind Rhino Growl
JX Organ Scratch Whirl 3 Section Winds Mean & Ugly Bass Mandolin Rumble 1
Keep On Mov'in Scratched LP Simple Church Mello Bass Neck Manly Men Rumble 2
Kicks 1 Scratchin!!! Slow Strings Mello Gtr Mutes Maraca A Rumble 3
Kicks 2 SE Bass 1 SlowStrings Mellow Blend Maraca B Rumble 4
Kit 1 SE Bass 2 Snare Memory Moog Brass Maraca C Rumble 5
Kit 10 SE Sub 1 Snares & Rolls Metallurgy Rotor Maraca D Scary Bell
Kit 2 SE Sub 2 Soft Harp mf Brass Maracas Scary Choir
Kit 3 SE Sub 3 Soft Trumpet Mid Conga Mexican Maraca Scintilla
Kit 4 SE Sub 4 Soft Vibes Mid Section Organ Mexican Shaker Scratch Hit
Kit 5 SE Sub 5 Solo Cello Mini Compressor 1 Mexican Tamborim Seashore
Kit 6 SE Sub 6 Solo Quartet Modern Guitar Mid East Drum Sending Signals
Kit 7 SE Sub 7 Solo Viola Modern Pipe Organ Midivel Tales SFX Vox 2
Kit 8 Soft Chorus #1 Solo Violin Moog 55 Rez Mixed Sweep SFX Vox
Kit 9 Soft Chorus #2 Stereo Harp Moog 55 Mizmars Single Bird Call
Low Dance Pad Soft Flute #1 Stereo Orch Moog Bass Nasal Accordian SkyCruiser
M1 Piano Soft Flute #2 StereoString Moog Basses Nature Film Space Choir
Mallet Bass Soul Oohs Swept Octaves Moog Brass Nepal Cymbal Spooky Vox
Maracas Spacey Keys Synth Strings Moog Strings Nepal Day Star Gazers
Mega Synth Street Bass Tam Tam Mute Chord Lead Ney Flute String Scrape
Mem Moog Bass System Scratch 1 Tambourine Mute Trumpet Ocarina Synth Arp 2
Metal Merge System Scratch 2 Temple Blocks Muted Bass Octave Accordian Synth Arp X2
Metal Merge1 Talk Scratch TempleBlocks Mutes & Harms Octave Mandolin Synth Arpg 1
Metal Merge2 Tape Pull Third Symphony Mutes Octave Swell Synth Effect
Metal Strike Tape Stop Thunder Sheet Nasal Clavinet Octave Tremolo Synth FX 01
Metal Wave 1 TB303 1 Timpani & Crash Neck Slap Octave World Vox Synth FX 02
Metal Wave 2 TB303 2 Timpani Tubular New Age Oohs Pan Flute Synth FX 03
Metal Wave 3 TB303 3 Timpani Nylon Guitar Pedal Steel Synth FX
MetalAttack TB303 4 Toms G's=Orig OBX Bass Pad Pen Whistle The Creek
Misc Perc 1 Trumpet FX 1 Trem Strings Oct Feedfade Percussion 1 Thermosfear
Misc Perc 2 Trumpet FX 2 Triangle Octave Feedback Percussion 2 Thor 111 1
Monster Hit Trumpet FX 3 Trombone Octave Growls Pizz Bass Ticking
Monster Voices Trumpet FX 4 Tron Strings Octave Harmonics Plexi-Slap A Touch Tones
Noise Hit Trumpet FX 5 Tuba Octave Pad 2 Plexi-Slap B Travelscape
OBX Saws Up Scratch Tube Bells Chrs Octave Pad Plexi-Slap C Two Gone
Oct Filter Sweep Wet Flute #1 Tubular Bell Octave Piano Plexi-Tone Vocal 1
Octave Sweep Wet Flute #2 Tubular Bells Ohh Ahh Vox Plexitones Vocal 2
Octave Synth 1 Wild Scratch 1 Tubular Church 1 Omni Filtered 1 Poly Baggers Vocal 3
Octave Synth 2 Wild Scratch 2 Tubular Church 2 Omni Filtered 2 Psaltry Flute Vocal Ahh
Odd Chord Wild Scratch VeloStrings Omni Filtered 3 Psaltry Vocal Uhh
Organ Bass 1 Wind Down Vibes Octs Omni String Quica Vox & HBells
Organ Bass 2   Vibes Tremolo Omni Trumpet Req Open Vox & Tremola
Organ Hit 1   Vibes Ooh Oohs Req Slap Vox From Hell
Organ Hit 2   Viola Ooh Pop Octs Roarr Catch  
Organ Hit 3   Violin Ooh Pops Rosewood Bass  
Organ Hit 4   Wind Bed 1 Oohctave Pad Rosewood Clave  
Organ Hit 5   Wind Bed 2 Oohctave Sweep Rosewood Finger  
Organ Hit 6   Wind Bed 3 Oohdness Rosewood Harms  
Pad Classic   Wood Blocks Organ & Vox 1 Rosewood Tick  
Pad Life   Xylimbas Organ & Vox 2 Sahara Winds  
Paddy   Xylophone Octs Organ & Vox 3 Sarong  
Perc Organ   Xylophone Organ & Vox 4 Shakers  
Perco Bass     Organ Bass Shakuhachi  
Piano & String     Organ Shamisen  
Power Guitar 1     Out Doors Shekere BV  
Power Guitar 2     P5 Brass Shenai  
Power Guitar Hit     P5 Filtered Shofar A  
Pulsate     Palm Mutes Shofar B  
Pulsy VCO Bass 1     Parlor Grand Shofers  
Pulsy VCO Bass 2     PBass 1 & Harms Siku  
Q Hit     PBass 1 & Mutes Sitar iChord  
Quack Ahhh     PBass 2 & Harms Sitar Pan  
Radar Blip     PBass 2 & Mutes Sitar Satire  
Resonains 1     Percussive Kit 1 Sitar  
Resonains 2     Percussive Kit 2 Slow Accordion  
Resonains     Piano Drops Slow Oct World Vox  
Resynth Guitar     Piano Octaves Slow Octaves  
Riff Trip     Piano Slow Steel Drums  
Rumble     Pink Guitar Slow Vox Sub 5ths  
Scratches 1     Pitched Oohs Slow World Vox  
Scratches 2     Pop Ahhs Snare Drum  
Sequencer Delay     Pop Bass Soft Tremolo  
Shakers     Pop Oohctaves Spirit Catcher  
Shapeggiator     Pop Oohs Steel Drum  
Shapes     Pop Slap Steel Drums  
Slow Strings     Power Chords Steel Fifths  
Slow Two Sweep     Power Drums Steel Guitar  
Snares 1     Processed Kit 1 Steel Octaves  
Snares 2     Processed Kit 2 Steel Pan  
Sombre Strings     Prophet 5 Brass Steel Pedal  
SP12Template     Prophet 5 Strings Steel Tremolo  
Space Claps     Psyno-nett Surdo Drum  
Squigal     Pure Oxygen Surdo Mute  
Steel Stack Bass     Purple Haze Surdo Open  
Strings of Doom     Quick Oohs Suwuk Gong  
Super Sub Bass     Rat Drums Tabla Mute A  
Sweeping 1     Reed Organ Tabla Mute B  
Sweeping 2     Reso Brass 1 Tabla Mute C  
Sweeping     Reso Brass 2 Tabla Open  
Swept Synth     Reso Brass 3 Tabla Tone  
Syncussion I     Reverb FX Talking Drum  
SyncussionII     Rock Bass 1 Tamburas  
Synth Bass 1     Rock Bass 2 Tanz Shaker  
Synth Bass 10     Rock Drums Tarang 1  
Synth Bass 11     Rock Guitar Tarang 2  
Synth Bass 12     Rock Lead Temple Gong  
Synth Bass 2     Rock o Rama The Dunes  
Synth Bass 3     Rolling Basses The Tabla  
Synth Bass 4     Salsa Kit Tibetan Bowl  
Synth Bass 5     Saw Stack Tmbale Plus  
Synth Bass 6     Sax Vib & Growl Tora, Tora, Tora  
Synth Bass 7     SC Piano Traps  
Synth Bass 8     Sci Fi Sweep Trem Oct Sweep  
Synth Bass 9     Section Horns Tremolo Accordion  
Synth Bass Hits     Section Sustain Tremolo Angels  
Synth Ensemble     Short Falls Tremolo Octaves  
Synth Organ     Si-Fi Chimes Triangle  
Synth Pad     Single Bend Up Troubador  
Talking Drums     Six String Udu Drum  
Tams 1     Slack & Tight Piano Udu Finger  
Tams 2     Slap Bass 1 Udu Release  
Tekno Analog     Slap Bass 2 Udu Slap  
Tekno Gitty Kick     Slap Bass 3 Udu Tone  
Tekno Perc Hubble     Slap Bass UnReal Steel  
Tekno Perc Huffa     Slow Ahhs VibHarmonica  
Tekno Perc Rattler     Slow Mondo Vox Sub 5ths Slide  
Tekno Perc Squonk     Slow Oohctaves Waterphone 1  
The Hammer     Slow Oohs Waterphone 2  
Tick     Slow Pad Waterphone  
Timbales 1     Slow Stringz Weird Sitar Bend  
Toms 1     Slow Synth Gtr Wine Glasses  
Toms 2     Snare Stacks 1 Wood Block 2  
Verb Clap     Snare Stacks 2 Wood Block  
VFX Miami Pad     Soft Guitar Wood Drum  
Vinyl 1     Soft Trumpet World Vox Sub 5ths  
Vinyl 2     Solo Hi Hats World Vox  
Vinyl 3     Solo Tom    
Vinyl 4     Soprano Sax    
Vinyl Set     Soul Ahhctaves    
Vox Gothic     Soul Ahhs    
Vox Hits 1     Soul Oohctaves    
Vox Hits 2     Soul Oohs    
Vox Tarzana     Space Vox    
VP-1 Mallet 2     Staccato Brass    
VP-1 Soundtrack     Stadium Kit    
VP1 Bass 1     Standard Kit    
VP1 Bass 2     Steam Organ    
Wash Hit     Steam Trails    
Wave Babe     Steel Ac Guitar    
Wave Sync     Stein's Grand    
WaveMerge 1     Stick Combo 1    
WaveMerge 2     Stick Combo 2    
WaveMerge     Stick Split 1    
Wet Kizz Bass     Stick Split 2    
Wierd Hit     Stick Split 3    
Wooop     Stick Split 4    
Wow Breath     Straight Harmon    
      Straight Mute    
      Stringz Section    
      Suitcase Roadz    
      Super Wurli    
      Surf 12 String    
      Surf Stick    
      Sweet and Low    
      Swept Voxes    
      Synth Bass 1    
      Synth Bass 2    
      Synth Bass 3    
      Synth Blend 1    
      Synth Blend 2    
      Synth Combo 1    
      Synth Combo 2    
      Synth Combo 3    
      Synth Flute    
      Synth Guitar    
      Synth Horns 1    
      Synth Horns 2    
      Synth Ork Strings    
      Synth Pad    
      Synth Piano    
      Synth Stick 1    
      Synth Stick 2    
      Synth Stick 3    
      Synth Stick 4    
      Synth Stick 5    
      Synth Strings    
      T-Dream E4    
      Tenor Sax    
      Tight Tuning    
      Timb Conga    
      Time Wave    
      Tine Piano    
      Tremolo Mondo    
      Tremolo Piano    
      Tremolo Stringz    
      Trombone 1    
      Trombone 2    
      Tron Strings & Vox    
      Trumpet 2 ff    
      Trumpet 2 mf    
      Trumpet 3    
      Trumpet Doiks    
      Trumpet Duet    
      Trumpet ff    
      Trumpet Shakes    
      Trumpet xswitch    
      Tuba Low    
      Under Water Sunray    
      Velo Reso Q    
      Velo Reso    
      Vintage Guitar    
      Vintage Organ    
      Vocal Drums    
      Vox Octave Pad    
      Vox Octaves    
      Wah Growls    
      Wave Bell    
      Wave Tron    
      Wurli Dyno Layer    
      Wurli Pad    
      Wurly E Piano    
      Wurly Hard    
  • 1,500 Programs
  • 4,986 Original Waveforms
  • 450 Megabytes