Songwriter's Collection

Songwriter's Collection

Songwriter’s Collection includes a pallet of 1,000’s of instruments ready to be sculpted into your music production environment. These great sounds provide the musical inspiration that will take your music to new levels.

Club Mix

Club Mix

An amazing collection of sounds that will keep everyone on their feet all night. This combined set of SoundFont instruments are production ready and inspiration for any dance mix.

E-MU Proteus Pack

The E-MU Proteus Modules are now available for your software synthesizers. This collection contains the original samples that make the hits!

E-MU Emax

The Emax was essentially a complete replication of the Emulator II using custom E-mu chips instead of standard off the shelf silicon chips. This amazing sound collection is timeless.

Ensoinq Dance Tools

Your music will never be the same once you strap on this dazzling tool belt of wall-to-wall synths, thumping drums, and deep basses.

1500 Instruments

Digital Sound Factory Mega Pack is a fresh collection of Pop, Hip-Hop, Electronica, Orchestral, World , and Sound Effect sounds combined for easy access and quick creation.

Kontakt Classic Keyboards

Digital Sound Factory presents classic Keyboards collection from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s mastered for the DSF Kontakt Performance Synthesizer.

Xtreme Synth Bass

This sound expansion features analog synthesizer bass sounds from the keyboards of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s including ARP, Moog, Prophet, Jupiter, Juno, JX8P, and more.

Steinway Grand Piano

This expressive Steinway Model L Grand piano was recorded at using Neumann U67 microphones and high quality preamps, at 24-bit resolution.

E-MU Vintage Keys

The Vintage Keys is a digital rack mount synthesizer that emulates the sounds of classic vintage synths. It is also one of the first cool sound modules with good samples of vintage synth sounds


The Mellotron was an innovative tape-based keyboard instrument which became a trademark sound of ’70s progressive rock bands.

Studio Orchestra

Digital Sound Factory Studio Orchestra offers a comprehensive collection of over 2 gigabytes of the finest strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion samples.

Saint Thomas Strings

Saint Thomas Strings is a collection of string ensembles recorded in the amazing Saint Thomas Cathedral at Bastyr University, the secret recording location for many Hollywood film score professionals.

Old World

Old World Instruments includes an array of strings, winds, and percussion instruments from around the globe. African melodic and percussion, Chinese and India winds, Russian strings, and steel percussion instruments.

Vocal Expressions

Digital Sound Factory Vocal Expressions is a collection of vocal ensembles, vocal hooks, synth voices, & effects originally recorded by the Ensoniq sound design team.

Acoustic Drum Kits

Acoustic Kits is a collection of six complete drum kits recorded in professional studios. The library includes Gretsch, Yamaha, DW, Pearl, Ludwig, and Tama drum kits.

Guitars & Basses

Guitars & Basses is a collection electric guitars, acoustic guitars, electric basses, synth basses, and guitar chords/licks. Each multi sample was processed to deliver the true feel of these stringed instruments.