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DSF Cakewalk Sound Center Video Game Sound Designer

Digital Sound Factory Video Game Sound Designer Suite

Cakewalk Sound Center Video Game Designer Suite is a collection of professional sounds produced for the ultimate gaming sound experience. Each expansion takes advantage of the powerful Sound Center real time controls allowing game sound designers to quickly transform sound parameters on demand. Change a jet into a space freighter, or a tin can into a gigantic blast; transform nature’s ambience into a futuristic world on a distant planet. It’s all here, awaiting your imagination to take your game audio to the next level.

Cakewalk Sound Center is included with Music Creator and Sonar X.

Cakewalk Sound Center Video Game Sound Designer Instrument Listing

Air-Guns-Transportation ScFi-Ambient-Machines Backgrounds        Hits-Transitions

100mm Cannon

African Ambience

Analog Saw Spread

Ambient Cry

47mm Cannon


B-Slow Pad

ARP Percs

Alien Heli


Chanting Bass

ARP Rezz Zap

B52 Raid

Bass Drum

Choral Singers

Bellz O Fire

Burning Rubber

Beastly Growl

Classic Interval


Car Pass By Fast

Big Bang

Counter Bass

Breath Pipe

Car Pass By Medium

Big Crash


Chords Hmm

Car Skid Stop 1

Big Door


Dirty Hit

Car Skid Stop 2

Big Fan

Dance Duet

DX Arcade

Car Skidding Turn

Bigger Bang

Deep Mind

DX of India

Car Slamming

Bird Ambience 1

Digi Groover

Fill Sweep

Chopper Idle

Bird Ambience 2

Distant News

Git Stab

Chopper RevUp

Bird Chirp Loop


Guitar Loop

Diesel Rumble

Boubou Birds

Dream Bells

Hit Me Hard

Drive Away

Brain Stem 1

Dubbed Funk

Hit Organ

Engine Constant 1

Brain Stem 2


Hit Stab

Engine Constant 2

Brain Stem 3

Fat Pop Pad


Engine Constant 3

Broken Glass

Funkadelic Feeler

House Chord

Engine Constant 4

Cafe Ambience

Gravitation Effect

House Hit

Engine Constant 5

Can 1

Gravitation Pad

House Nation

Engine Pass By

Can 2

Groov In

House Stab

Engine Rev

Can 3

Hover Synth

Ito Hit

Engine Startup 1

Carpentry Jobsite

Hybrid Classic

Just Hit

Engine Startup 2

Chair  Slam 1


Limit Q

Far Away Train

Chair Slam 2


Moog Blipp

Full Train


Insta Tech

Odd Organ

Gun Shot 1

City Ambience 1

Jupiter 2000

Old Classic

Gun Shot 2

City Ambience 2

Jupiter Chord

Orch Hit

Jet Heli Cockpit

Continuous Motor

Jupiter Jumper

Organic Inst

Jet Heli Fly By


Lead Me Along

Osc Octave

Jet Heli Idle 1


Magic Flute

Perky Arp

Jet Heli Idle 2

Door Slam


Perq Voices

Jet Heli Idle 3

Dream Tunnel

Matrix Rush

Pluck String

Jet Heli Idle 4

Drinking Glass

Mello Minor

Psycho Blip 1

Jet Heli Landing

Fan Hum

Minors Sweep

Psycho Blip 2

Jet Heli Wind Down

Flanged Out

Mod Pulsar

Rave Org Hit

Jet Stream

Footsteps 1

Modern Digi Pluck

Rave Zap

Jet Taxi

Footsteps 2

Multi Pattern

Ray Stab


Footsteps 3

Not Flabby

Reso FM

Lazer Beam

Forest Ambience

Not Typical


Lazer Cannon 1

Galaxy Ship

Phased Eniac


Lazer Cannon 2


Poly Beat

Rpeg Me Please

Machine Gun

Hallwalk 1

Poly Choir

Saw Hit

Passing Jet

Hallwalk 2

Pretty Moments

Saw Stab 1

Passing Truck Horn

Heavy Wind


Saw Stab 2

Space Chopper 1

Hippo Grunt 1

Prophet Sweep

Snap Horn

Space Chopper 2

Hippo Grunt 2

Pulse Classic

Snap Synth

Space Chopper 3

Lazor Burst

Pulse Mod Driver

Some Vox

Tank Idle High

Lift Motor 1

Pure Ecstasy

Space Blob

Tank Idle Medium

Lift Motor 2

Pyle Driver

Space Fall

Train Approach

Metal Crickets

Rage Rocker

Space Harp

Train Depart

Metal Drag


Stab 1

Train Horn 1

Metal Hit

Ripe Pickens

Stab 2

Train Horn 2

Mic Stand Base

Sam's Klub


Tranny Grind

Monkey Ambience


Stupid Hit

Truck Drive Off

Monkey Scream 1

String Layer Rez



Monkey Scream 2

Sweep It



Morning Ambience

Sync A Party

Tech Chord


Motor Flux


Tek Grunge


Motor Smooth

Synth Wind 1

Tube Bell


Motor Start

Synth Wind 2

Unisweep 1


Night Ambience

Tribal Tangent

Unisweep 2


Paper Bag

TW Swing

Wood Bars


Plastic Case

Vikings Song

Zuper Rez


Power Blast

Vox Angelica


Power Loss

Vox Pad


Really Big Blast

Wave Corona



Whats Going On


Rhino Begging


Rhino Feeding


Rhino Growl


Rhino Sneeze




Rockin Lid


Rolling Glass


Room Ambience Hi


Room Ambience Lo


Rope Slap


Running Long


Running Short


Scrape Stop




Shed Door


Single Bird Call


Single Hit


Snare Hit


Space Wash 1


Space Wash 2


Spinning Glass 1


Spinning Glass 2




Thunder 1


Thunder 2






Train Horn


Trash Can


Whirling Rope 1


Whirling Rope 2




Womans Footsteps


Air, Guns, & Transportation Sound Effects

Air, Guns, and Transportation is designed for the ultimate control of game sound effects. Airplanes, helicopters, 100mm cannon, cars, trucks, and more can be edited on the fly to produce new exciting sounds. Control of filters, LFO’s, pitch, and effects are quickly accessible using Sound Center’s real time MIDI controllers. 56 programs - 42 megabytes

SiFi, Ambient, & Machines Sound Effects

SiFi, Ambient, & Machines include the sounds that will create the ultimate video experience. Science fiction effects, ambient textures, servo motors, and more can be quickly manipulated to create never heard before custom sounds. These sounds will take your game to a different world. 101 programs - 138 megabytes

Video Game Backgrounds

Video Game Backgrounds features rhythmic textures and soundscapes that will instantly create refreshing background beds. Real time controllers allow designers to sculpt textures with filters, LFO’s, pitch, rhythmic effects, and more. 68 programs - 190 megabytes

Video Game Hits & Transitions

Video Game Hits & Transitions include the ‘sound tools’ that will glue together themes and game levels. Hits can be dropped on audio tracks to stimulate video events and actions. Control of filters, LFO’s, pitch, and effects are quickly accessible using Sound Center’s real time MIDI controllers. 64 programs - 41 megabytes