Prophet 600

DSF Cakewalk Sound Center Prophet-600

Cakewalk Sound Center Expansion Pack

Cakewalk Sound Center is included with Music Creator and Sonar X.

The Prophet 600 was a low-cost synthesizer based on the legendary Prophet-5 and was the world’s first synthesizer with a MIDI interface. It had six voices and the same Curtis synthesizer chips used in the Prophet-5. The envelopes and LFO were generated by the computer, and an arpeggiator and a 400-note polyphonic sequencer were also added to sweeten the deal. Original price: $1995.00

Cakewalk Sound Center Prophet 600 Instrument Listing

600 Distorted Organ
600 Dream Organ
Brassy OB
Disto Organ Brass
Organ PWM
P600 Sub Bass
PWM Fast
PWM Lead
PWM Rising
Soft Brass & PWM
Soft Brass
Sub Bass & Brass
Sub Bass & Organ
Sub Bass & PWM
Sub Bass & Sync
Swell Sync
Sync Organ
Sync PWM Brass Organ
Sync PWM Brass
Sync Riser
Sync Swell Sync
Sync Wave