Join the festivity with Fuego Caliente. These instruments are ready to fire up your imagination and take your sound south of the border. Fuego Caliente is a collection of authentic Accordions, Guitars, Basses, Brass & Winds, Strings, Drums, and Percussion. Get the Mariachi Party fired up with these authentic sounds. This expansion pack will make you caliente! Included are Bajo (Bass), Bateria (15 Drum Kits), Cuerdas Orquestales (Strings), Guitarra (Guitars), Latidos (38 Beat Patterns), Teclados (Keyboards), Vintos y Laton (Winds & Brass), and Voz (Vocals). This Voice Library requires DIMM memory for the Motif XS, or Flash Memory for the Motif XF. 747 megabytes. 166 Programs & 14 Drum Kits.

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