E-MU Proteus Rack & Proteus Legacy Bundle


Proteus 1XR - Proteus 2 - Proteus 3 - Orbit - Planet Phatt - Vintage Keys

Proteus 2000, Mo' Phatt, Virtuoso, Xtreme Lead-1, Planet Earth, & Vintage Pro


E-MU Proteus Library Combo

Proteus 2000, Mo’ Phatt, Virtuoso, Xtreme Lead-1, Planet Earth, & Vintage Pro

Proteus 1, Proteus 2, Proteus 3, Planet Phatt, Orbit, & Vintage Keys

The Proteus Rack Library was produced by the original E-MU sound and graphic designers. Beginning with the original hardware sound samples, instruments are mapped and programmed to match the hardware sound modules. The powerful script programming integrates the hardware functionality to the software for the same great look and feel of the sound modules. Proteus Rack Libraries are compatible with all Mac and PC Digital Audio Workstations.


– Designed for free Kontakt Player, full version of Kontakt, Komplete, Maschine, & NKS hardware – Dynamic graphic interface allowing hardware like functionality – Module programs grouped, ordered, and tagged to match the hardware – 3 Effects Busses with control of parameters – 32 Step Programmable Arpeggiator – Solo/Mono Mode with Legato & Glide Control – Komplete Kontrol Previews – Compatible with all NKS hardware controllers

12 authentic sound modules – over 5,000 instruments!

E-MU Proteus Rack Library User Manual

Proteus Rack Library Installation


E-MU Proteus Legacy Library User Manual

Proteus Legacy Library Installation

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