The Emax was essentially a complete replication of the Emulator II using custom E-mu chips instead of standard off the shelf silicon chips. This new engineering increased reliability, and reduced the cost of manufacture. The sample resolution was the same 12-bits companded into 8-bits of memory, the samples were still monophonic, but the maximum sample rate was increased to 42kHz. Depeche Mode switched to using Emax’s from Emulator II’s on tour, and the Emax SE HD’s can be seen and heard in use on the 1988 USA tour video ‘101’. The Emax collection includes the extensive library of samples and instruments that were originally available on 3.5″ disks.

Notable Users: Depeche Mode – all three keyboard players can be seen operating Emax keyboards on their 1989 live film , 101 Faith No More – Can be seen in the ‘Epic’ video, Ice MC – Can be seen in the ‘Easy’ video, KMFDM – Used an Emax, Los Prisioneros, Meat Beat Manifesto, Mouse on Mars, Nine Inch Nails – used an Emax SE extensively on Pretty Hate Machine, Die Krupps – Emax II, Orbital, Saint Etienne – credited with using the Emax on their 1991 album “Foxbase Alpha”, Skinny Puppy, Steve Roach, Tony Toni Tone, U2, Tom Waits – credited with using the Emax on his 1993 album “The Black Rider”, The Whispers. Categories include Keyboards & Synthesizers, Orchestral, Brass & Winds, World, Bass & Guitars, and more. 81 Megabytes.

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