Dimension V14 Fuego Caliente

Bajo (Bass)
Bateria (Drums)
Cuerdas Orquestales (Strings)
Guitarra (Guitars)
Latidos (38 Beat Patterns)
Teclados (Keyboards)
Vintos y Laton (Winds & Brass)
Voz (Vocals)

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Join the festivity with Fuego Caliente. These instruments are ready to fire up your imagination and take your sound south of the border. Fuego Caliente is a collection of authentic Accordions, Guitars, Basses, Brass & Winds, Strings, Drums, and Percussion. Get the Mariachi Party fired up, or interleave with world music fusion, this expansion pack will make you “caliente”!

nIncluded are Amor Caliente, Bajo (Bass), Bateria (Drums), Cuerdas Orquestales (Strings), Guitarra (Guitars), Latidos (38 Beat Patterns), Teclados (Keyboards), Vintos y Laton (Winds & Brass), and Voz (Vocals).

Size – 760 MB and 200 Programs

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