Dimension V01 Grand Piano

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Digital Sound Factory Volume 1 is an expansion pack for Cakewalk’s Dimension LE and Dimension Pro synthesizers. There are 336 programs for Dimension Pro and 200 programs for Dimension LE. This sound set features a Yamaha Conservatory Grand Piano and was recorded at Open Path Studios in San Jose, California. Using Audio Technica 4060 microphones and high quality preamps, multiple layers were captured at 24-bit, 96khz resolution. Each sample was reviewed, and the best were assembled to create the Dimension Grand. As a result of this process, the samples are perfectly matched, sound great, and are free of artifacts. The Digital Sound Factory Volume 1 set also expands upon Dimension’s factory set of Orchestral, Layers, Splits, Electric Pianos, Basses and more. These new presets layer the new piano samples for the ultimate Multi-Timbral experience.

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