This is an extremely simple, budget synthesizer with a big sound. You have an oscillator, a filter, an amplifier, one ADSR envelope and one LFO. The ARP filter on this little beast is punchy and easily recognizable, confirming its noble heritage. Original price: $995.00


(1) Voltage Controlled Oscillator (sawtooth, pulse with pwm)
(1) Noise generator
(1) 24dB/octave Voltage Controlled Lowpass Filter w/resonance
(1) LFO (sine wave mod of VCF cutoff, PW; sine or square wave mod of pitch)
(1) Envelope Generator (ADSR; mod. of pitch, PW, VCF cutoff, and VCA)
(1) Random S/H can control pitch and VCF cutoff
Portamento, Envelope Repeat
Size – 66.2 MB

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