ARP 2600The ARP 2600, although originally designed as an easy-to-use synthesizer aimed at schools and university music departments, quickly became a favorite of rock bands worldwide. The extremely flexible ARP 2600 contains most elements of a good sized modular synthesizer in a small, portable package. It can be played without patch cords or modified with patch cords for ultimate programming flexibility. Original price: $3195.00


(3) Voltage Controlled Oscillators
(1) Voltage Controlled 24dB/octave Lowpass Filter with Q
(1) Voltage Controlled Amplifier
(2) Envelope Generators, (1) Noise Generator, (1) Ring Modulator
(1) Sample & Hold w/Clock, (1) Bidirectional Analog Switch
(1) Envelope Follower, (1) Microphone Preamp, (3) Voltage Processors
(1) Lag Processor, (1) Stereo Reverb, (1) Mixer w/pan-pot
(1) 4-Octave Keyboard w/variable tuning, interval and portamento
Size – 126.9 MB

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