Oberheim OB-Xa

DSF Cakewalk Sound Center Oberheim OB-Xa

Cakewalk Sound Center Expansion Pack

Cakewalk Sound Center is included with Music Creator and Sonar X.

The OB-Xa was designed as an enhanced OB-X, aiming to provide more features than its main competitor, the Prophet 5. The OB-Xa had lots of bells and whistles such as chord hold, poly glide, two LFOs and a switchable 2 or 4 pole filters. Above all, the OB-Xa retains the famous Oberheim sound. The OB-Xa excels at beefy leads, lush pads and shimmering strings. Original price: $5595.00

Cakewalk Sound Center Oberheim OB-Xa Instrument Listing

Bass & Pulse
Bass & Saws
Detuned Saws
Fat Pulse
Fat Saws
Grand Saws
Lead Saws
OB Bass
OB Classic Pulse
OB Classic Saws
OB Clav
OB Filter Rise
OB Filter Sync
OB Lead
OB LFOized
OB Mello
OB Pulsar
OB Sweeper
Octave Bass
Octave Saws
Pulse Sweeper
Saws & Pulse 1
Saws & Pulse 2
Sneak Bass