Mason & Hamlin

Cakewalk Sound Center Expansion Pack

Cakewalk Sound Center is included with Music Creator and Sonar X.

At 9'4", the Mason & Hamlin CC-94 is the first concert grand designed, built and introduced by an American piano manufacturer in half a century. Lauded for its immense power as well as its sensitive and responsive action, the CC-94 is capable of extreme colors, shadings and textures, all with extraordinary clarity. The CC-94 can follow the most sensitive interpreter or cut through an entire symphony orchestra without sounding harsh. From its thunderous bass to its bell-like treble, the CC-94 is perfect for a wide range of repertoire and musical genres.

Handcrafted in limited numbers using only the world’s finest materials, the CC-94 epitomizes the piano makers art. It is distinguished by a massive rim design, wide body, oversized soundboard and double Tension Resonators, guaranteeing that the CC-94 will retain all of its brilliant tonal characteristics throughout the life of the instrument. No other concert grand offers these features so essential to a piano’s durability.

Mason & Hamlin Grand 1
Mason & Hamlin Grand 2
Mason & Hamlin Grand 3
Mason & Hamlin Grand 4
Mason & Hamlin Honky Tonk 1
Mason & Hamlin Honky Tonk 2
Mason & Hamlin Parlor Grand
Mason & Hamlin Rock Grand