Jupiter 8

Cakewalk Sound Center Expansion Pack

Cakewalk Sound Center is included with Music Creator and Sonar X.

The Jupiter-8 is an 8-voice polyphonic synthesizer with a 61- note keyboard. The Jupiter was Roland’s “flagship” synth and one of their best sounding analog instruments with its airy, transparent sound. Roland took the best features of the OBX and Prophet-5, then added a few more of their own to create a true classic. Wonderful, shimmering, string sounds and punchy brass are no problem for this versatile analog monster. Original price: $8000.00

Jupiter Ballad Bass
Jupiter Brass Pad
Jupiter Brass PWM Sync
Jupiter Brass
Jupiter Classic 1
Jupiter Classic 2
Jupiter Plok Ballad Bass
Jupiter Plok Bass
Jupiter Plok Power Stack
Jupiter Power Bass
Jupiter Power Stack Pad
Jupiter Power Stack
Jupiter Reso Brass
Jupiter Rimba Pad
Jupiter Rimba
Jupiter Soft Pad
Jupiter Sync I & II
Jupiter Sync I
Jupiter Sync II
Jupiter Wide Brass