DSF Cakewalk Sound Center Guitars

Cakewalk Sound Center Expansion Pack

Cakewalk Sound Center is included with Music Creator and Sonar X.

Guitars is a Cakewalk Sound Center collection of electric guitars, acoustic guitars, and guitar chords/licks. Each instrument was processed to deliver the true feel of these stringed instruments. This collection is loaded with guitar snip-its and will give your sound that realistic edge.

Includes 74 MIDI files for both auditioning the sounds and enhancing inspiration.

129 Instruments - 384 mb

Cakewalk Sound Center Guitars Instrument Listing

3 Stroke Chuck
5 Stroke Chuck
A Maj7 - C Maj7 wh
A Maj7 Quick Chords
A Maj7 Slow Chords
A Min Quick Chords
A Min Slow Chords
A Minor Chord 1
A Minor Chord 2
Acoustic Harmonics
Amp Noise
Amped Chords
B Major Chord
B Minor Chord
Bend Lick
C Maj7 - E Maj7 wh
C Maj7 Quick Chords
C Maj7 Slow Chords
C Minor Chord
Chord Down
Chord Lick
Chord Licks
Chucka Dice
Chugg It
Chunka Run
Cool Blues Snip
Crybaby Lick
D Minor Lick 1
D Minor Lick 2
Dale Run
Dirty Noise
Dirty Wah 1
Dirty Wah 2
Dirty Wah 3
Distortion Guitars
Down Home Wah
E Lick
E Maj7 Quick Chords
E Maj7 Slow Chords
E Min Quick Chords
E Min Slow Chords
Egyptian Wah
F# Minor Lick
Fade In Lick
Fade In Wah
Faith Loop
Fast Wahs
Feedback Wah
Fourth Chords 1
Fourth Chords 2
Frett Not
Funk Chords
Funk Lick
Funk Lil Wah
G Maj7 Quick Chords
G Maj7 Slow Chords
G Min Quick Chords
G Min Slow Chords
G Minor Lick
Grunch Riff
Guitar Licks
Guitar Noise
Guitar On Wax
Hard Nylon
Heavy Guitar
High Fuzztone
Japic Noter
Japic Wah
Lazy SG
Likka Chord
Lil Chucka
Littel Wah Run
Low Fuzztone
Main Lick
Mello Jam Wah
Mello Steel
Meow Wah 1
Meow Wah 2
Metal Stab 1
Metal Stab 2
Mid Fuzztone
Nylon 1
Nylon 2
Nylon Chords
Nylon Guitar FX
Nylon Harmonic Strum 1
Nylon Harmonic Strum 2
Nylon Harmonic Strum 3
Nylon Harmonic Strum 4
Nylon Harmonic Strum 5
Nylon Riff
Phaser Chord
Phatt Paul wh Harmonic
Phatt Paul
Phatt Strat
Slide Down Note
Slow Wahs
Solo Jam
Squeeks & Knocks
Steel String
Storytime Wah
Strum Down
Telecaster Mute
Telecaster Pick
Telecaster wh Mute
Velocity Mutes
Wacka Chord
Wah & Clean
Wah Chord
Wah Cry
Wah Down & Up
Wah Down
Wah Hah
Wah Lick
Wah Note
Wah Patterns
Wah Suprise
Wah Trem
Wahs & Snips
Wahs Filler