Fuego Caliente

Fuego Caliete
  • Bajo (Bass)
  • Bateria (Drums)
  • Cuerdas Orquestales (Strings)
  • Guitarra (Guitars)
  • Latidos (38 Beat Patterns)
  • Teclados (Keyboards)
  • Vintos y Laton (Winds & Brass)
  • Voz (Vocals)

Join the festivity with Fuego Caliente. These instruments are ready to fire up your imagination and take your sound south of the border. Fuego Caliente is a collection of authentic Accordions, Guitars, Basses, Brass & Winds, Strings, Drums, and Percussion. Get the Mariachi Party fired up, or interleave with world music fusion, this expansion pack will make you “caliente”!

Included are Amor Caliente, Bajo (Bass), Bateria (Drums), Cuerdas Orquestales (Strings), Guitarra (Guitars), Latidos (34 Beat Patterns), Teclados (Keyboards), Vintos y Laton (Winds & Brass), and Voz (Vocals).

Size – 575 MB and 137 Programs

Fuego Caliente Instrument Listing

Brazzy Hit 1
Brazzy Hit 2
Brazzy Hit 3
Brazzy Hit 4
Brazzy Hit 5
LA Hit 1
LA Hit 2
LA Hit 3
Vox Cutz 1
Vox 1
Vox 2
Vox 3
Vox 4
Vox 5
Vox 6
Vox 7
Vox 8
Vox 9
Vox 10
Vox 11
Vox Cutz 2
Brazzy Hits
LA Hits
Vox Combo
Distorted Organ
Distorted Guitar
Alto Sax No Vib
Tenor Vib
Tenor No Vib
Salsa Perc
Brazil Perc
Studio Kit
Carnaval Drums 1
Misc Perc
Alto Sax 2
Alto Sax 1
Tenor Sax 1
Tenor Sax 2
Soprano Sax
Baritone Sax
Bread n Butter Kit
Classic Studio Kit
Classic Rock Kit
All Purpose Kit
Funky Kit
Tuba p/mf/f
Tuba p/mf/f/H
Dyno EP
Accordion 1
Accordion 2
Wurlitzer EP
Clavinet 1
Clavinet 2
Vox Jaguar
SEM QBass 1
SEM QBass 2
SEM QBass 3
SEM SyncBass 1
SEM SyncBass 2
PPG Bass
PPG DigiBass
P5 Bass
Arp FatBass
DX EP Bass 1
DX EP Bass 2
FM Bass
FM Polybass
Carnaval Drums 2
Carnaval Drums 3
Fretless Bass
Fingered Bass
Phatt Paul Guitar
Telecaster Guitar
Brazil Drums
Section Strings
Steel String Guitar
Nylon String Guitar
Stereo Grand
Elka Strings
Detache Strings
Brazilian Kit
Salsa Kit
Solo Violin
Solo Viola
Solo Bass
Congo Bongo
OB Synth Brass
Solina Strings
Organ All Out Slow
Organ Out Fast
Organ 1st4 Vib Slow
Organ 1st4 Vib Fast


  • 133 Programs
  • 34 Beats
  • 575 Megabytes