DSF Cakewalk Sound Center Electronica

Cakewalk Sound Center Expansion Pack

Cakewalk Sound Center is included with Music Creator and Sonar X.

Keep the crowd on their feet with this set of electronica tools. Hard core basses and raw synths give you the power to harness the sound. Create new exciting textures and grooves on the fly and send your music into the airwaves. Synth effects smear transitions, cool twisted modern synthesizer waveforms, and a large palate of dance hits are part of this high energy electronic expansion pack.

Includes 55 MIDI files for both auditioning the sounds and enhancing inspiration.

144 Instruments - 350 mb

Cakewalk Sound Center Electronica Instrument Listing

4 U 2 Know
A Bass Again
A Bass
Acid 303
Activator Bass
Algobee Jam
Alien Sweep
Ana Syn
As Wet As Bass
Attack Bass
Attack Moog
Bass Me
Bass Octave
Bite Bass
Breath Pipe
C64 Bass
C64 Flanged
Chop Moog
Chords Hmm
Cool Mini
Deep Bass
Deep Mind
Deep Mod
Dimensional Leader.p
Dirty Hit
Dist Bass
Do The Bass
Dog House Bass
Don't Knock It
Down Wid Da Bass.pro
Dubbed Bass
Dubbed Funk
Euro Pop Bass
Fantasy Freq Mod.pro
Fatter Moog
Fill Sweep
FM Bass
Fonk Bass
Freq Mod
Funk Pulsar
Funkadelic Feeler.pr
Funky Pay Bass
Git Stab
Going Where
Guess Again
Guitar Loop
Happy Analog
Hear Diz
Hit Me Hard
Hit Me
Hit Organ
Hit Stab
Hit This
House Bass
House Chord
House Hit
House Stab
Ice Cubed Bass
Insta Tech
JD DemonBass
John Blk Jr
JP8 U-Bass
Juno Bass 1
Juno Bass 2
Jupiter 2000
Just Hit
Limit Q
Mega Bass
Micro Bass
Micro SQ
Moog Blipp
Moog M Bass
Multi Pattern
Not Flabby
OBI Bass
Octave 60
Odd Organ
Ohh Bee
Old Classic
Orch Hit Too
Orch Hit
Organic Inst
Oscillator Groove
Perc Perq
Perq Voices
Pluck String
Pop Bass 1
Pop Bass 2
Popped Bass
Psycho Blip 1
Psycho Blip 2
Pulse Mini
Pyle Driver
Rave Org Hit
Rave Zap
Ray Stab
Real C64
Reverend Bass
Rez Depth Bass
Risk It
Rpeg Me Please
Saw Stab 1
Saw Stab 2
Snap Bazz
Snap Horn
Snap Synth
Some Vox
Space Blob
Space Fall
Space Harp
Square Drifter
Stab 1
Stab 2
Stupid Hit
Sub Bass
Sweep Bass
Sweep It
Sync A Party
Synth Funk
Take My Pulse
TB 303
Tech Chord
Tek Grunge
Tek Gtr 1200
Tell Me Not
The Buzz
The Prophet
The Wasp
Worst Distmo