E-MU Xtreme Lead-1

E-MU Xtreme Lead-1


  • Cutting Edge
  • Not re sampled
  • Authentic ROM waveforms
  • Software replicates hardware
  • High Quality Sounds
  • 512 Programs

Xtreme Lead was launched in spring 2000 as the Techno/Electronica Module in the new Proteus '1000' platform. With a highly credible 64 voices and 32 MB of samples, the XL-1 takes the Audity 2000 sample set, adds hundreds more samples, and adds new functions to put E-MU sample synthesis onto a new level. From classic synthesizers to drums and to loops and worms, this collection covers it all! Even a lawn mower. An amazing 1210 sampled waveforms are contained in this SoundFont collection. This is the complete 16MB set of samples from the Audity 2000, plus the 16MB of samples from the Audity Extreme Sound ROM (from the Phatt and Orbit modules).

Xtreme Lead-1 Instrument Listing

Robo Trace S-Q Tube Synththex 80's D&B Tight
Trancer synthc4Seqence Tempo LFOs D&B Smooth
Basic Saw Prophety Cult-feel LoFi
Boogy synthth Ringer SakuraTime Indy-T
ORiON Play Sawcomp Csynthe Diem Rocket
BoXT Drama Monster Elbow>>Room
Raverotic Big synththy Love 1 L-101
1 Shot synth Brass Bouncerette Rush II
Strings Box Mortalsynthth L'room Lo-Z II
Wet Farzy synthc Reepeter Acid-dia
Bat Pann SLICER HOUSE K-work
Perception Rez Zip GRITS Logic
Hide & Seek 3 O 3 TRIPPER Roller Girl
SquareV Acid Blomp Higher Power Black House2
DISTRUCTOR Booty Qooty Solace HiHo
Glory Ubo Lunar Pad Ginger
Hittite Euro Noise CReeP Unhooked
UnderClaSS SweeTDreaM Trashy Dr&Bass DoFi
Moby's Trip Edge Mercy Dist Treo
Rave Organ Mini 2000 Wading Big Body
70-64 Basic Dodo Multisteps Xie-racy
synththex 80's Basic Buzz Squeapels 4AM`/_Flyin'
Super Saw Basic 2600 Grinded Lily's Rage
XtoZ Low SawSweep SteppedDream HBtoo
Spiders Low CL2Sweep Electon Light-R
Brass Juice PureSaw Bubbler X-Mox
Raved Pass Flaps End Dark Hero
South Euro 1 TeeTH Wicked Low 7
South Euro 2 Prophet RadioDaze The Beast
Digitell Profit Braz Panhandel Europia
Quadralike BP Strings Sparkle TranzAmbient
BigDandyBoy Slow Dance Minator Frantikk
Riverdancing Astrology Hollographik Tekno Tribe
Rendalaw DARK CITY Pele Mind Game
Dappy Enoze Tri C2 Dmachine D-Houce
Saw On High Hi&LowLights Lust up Heaven
Tink Or Toys Danube Bottom Perc Peak-777
C Z O Vespers You Know It Big Shaker
OBX Jumpy Brass Toxic Vox 808 street
SinEnsemble Rio Dulce Deeper Love Jump Hard
CZ BIG Big Aud'Pad X-light Organic Cube
Wide Load Gorgontastic OrbisTabula1 House Of TEC
Cvox SlogritStrng OrbisPitcher Drumatic
Weezeled Daddy's Girl Dreamer HI-NRG
Post Modern Ice Dreams Palomar Trance Date2
JourneyMan SaturnRings theGrind Club it
Skouls Smoovie Fundamentals Groove II
Kyng Doam Aki's World Tron X Metalic Beat
Nordica Comp Low Back Dry Wastland C-Man
Geaxoils Warm&Lush B-loid Humana
DarkShadows Soft Trace Glider 80's Tones
AudKlav Pure synthth Axis One K'werk It
synth Chaos HarmonicLift Bouchete BoomBoxx
R&B synthcomp E P I C Saw Standard Compressed
Octivate www.f Tekno Cheep Dirty Kit
Smooth Saw Spelunkers Phrophetics G Club
Saint-A. aRt DeKo SineDrum MANTIS
Grindin Me! Shaku High CricketGruve Crash Head
Calmer Super Pad Whisper Kicks 1
Zionate Softaflange Gut-P Snares 1
synthterval Lifedream MooGie-D Construction
ObieLand Spawn No Lo Scratchin
SWELL HlywdINative Trip Hard Scratchin 2
Air Age Matrix Sanctuary Mixed Bag
SMAK Prephad LITTLE Guy Cooleo
Cyborg SCRAPE A Trip Modular Ring
FizzeeString REZANATOR Bust In Efemm Bellsa
P-dg ACiDOP Uroboros Mult-A-Metal
Ring Bassox Ringer Mighty Pulse Mystery Bell
Saws Normal FuzzGrinder JUNOsis NordicCalm
T-Dance BAD A C2-Play me Rainbellz
Bongo-B B-CUDA C2-Play me2 Agualla Bell
Top Tri Swervy T-2000 Encapsulate
Hupper Space Komper On The Run UNDERTAKER
POLY synthkerSteppr Pissto Hi Coyote
2000 SQUEAKE Byg Stryngs Turbonic
F16 synthcked Cryo Stasus Heavy Mental
Bounce 2Flange Futura GrainyPixel
FATSO Listoller Ripped Faucet Drip
H20 Reptoa Balls2The... DarkForest
SuB DuH TotalControl W6 3sEvEn PsychicSea
RingCycle Analog Beast Field AarnoLdt
REZvsSINE Zorkon DonkeyBreath LuciferDom
Love Bee Skreecher GoSpeedRacer SpottedWhite
Sven Analog Low Edge REZARECT Uncowardinar
B-Acer Love II Tension Hadrian's
Henny-P Bare Edge Arrival Quiet Wall
Pinhead Honker Maryland Machined
Fire Bass Mr.Edge ByzantineNze Cast
FinGruzzer 19inch Nails Thickets MaRTIaNS
Goin'Lo Zephyr Big Wall Soline 9x
Go Long Air Voices Silkness PARANO
M-Deep SIRRUS Marvs Modulo Masses
CReePeR Future Vox Luscious Saturn
Vortex ARMAGEDDON I made it Future Harmi
JUMPUP ANGELIKA DailyBread FutureSteps
Acid Vox Galaxal Clavonate Bottom Floor
ReedBass Bandvoxxe HoverCraft That'sCreepy
FuzzBizz Exploration C-Ride Radon Shield
Ventolator AfterShock Duckfuzz Diffuser
Reso TB SUrFaCinG MaMMoTH Interfear
A.D. 3033 Ethereal Ice Ring Odd Quasar
Tugboat Suffocating Love 2bee S-METAL
Interference Space Voxxal Uncle Fester Zoned
TaurusT Upper Bottom THE MACHEEN OverTheEdge
DistTB1 GhostStories Strangled Granules
Bullit Breath Stack DOOM 2020 Glassers
Mo' Tibet JungleX Alienator
HybridPhased Futura Hypass Ditty Ripped Lazer
UKshoot Air Surf :-) Mono PolyFX FoldingSpace
Dinkness Eastern Mist Saturn mono Uncertainty
PolyClavWOrm Vampirella Squared CosmicCompny
Organist Sonar Ghost Groove Wow REZA'S LaB
Orgy Hitts Warm Chill Technoval TerrorZoNE
DeepStall Digital Noiz Krane LupeDeKool
More Cheez Scary Noise Wormsine CyberScience
PLATINUM StickyFinger Dreamlead P-soul
Guit Hits LeaveMeAlone Tunnelituar DeepOrg
EP Rolls Breathless Crunchette Smarm Organ
Enrezzle FluteState Blizzer HoreGaine
Lowy Techno More Senses Junosquare DxJx Organ
Dreamer Tags Hisynthk Lead Multisynthc synthhissOrgan
FoonZoom P5 Zentropa WiggleWorm Disca Queen
Ghost Organ Funky-B Levita Brass Organik
Brazzy Hits Solo Environ DesertTrance  
  • 512 Programs
  • 1,210 Original Waveforms
  • 112 Megabytes