Dance Tools

Digital Sound Factory Rapture Dance Tools

Keep the crowd on their feet with this master set of sound tools. Hard core basses and raw synths give you the power to harness the sound. Create new exciting textures and grooves on the fly and send your music into the airwaves. Synth effects smear transitions, cool twisted modern synthesizer waveforms, and a large palate of dance hits are part of this high energy electronic expansion pack.

Rapture Dance Tools Instrument Listing

12 Oscillator 4 Dim 70tastique Acoustic Piano 4 Layer Moog 2000 League Blast Algobee Jam
5 Oscillator 8 String Anarezz All In Fader 4 U 2 Know Achtung Breath Pipe Chop Moog
Analog Punch Analog Pads ARP Dream B 2000 A Bass Again Activity Chords Hmm Deep Mind
Analog Saw Bell 5th Pad Beep Zynth B30 Organ A Bass Alien Breath Dirty Hit Dim Leader
Big Jupiter Breathy Cosmo Blipp Dance Organ Acid 303 Alien Fill Sweep Dubbed Funk
Big Strings Chorus Fat Lead Dist organ Activator Bass Alpha Centri Git Stab


Bit String CS 8000 Pad Fusion Dist Dreams Algobee Another Dist Guitar Loop Fantasy Freq Mod
Blip Blop D-50 Fantasy Heavy Lead Dyno Rhodes Alien Sweep Astroid Layers Hit Me Hard Funk Pulsar
Brass 20 D-50 Shamus JP8 Fat Electro Organ Ana Syn Back Up Hit Organ Funk adelic Feeler
Brass Patch D-50 Strings Juno Leader Fat Clav As Wet As Bass Bass Hit Hit Stab Going Where
Chop Synth DigiPad Lead Pair Funkadelic Attack Bass Beat Back Hop Happy Analog
Cliffords 10 Dream Pad Lead With Me Good night Attack Moog Beauty Bright House Chord Infinitive
D50 Stack Dyrti Pad Meteoric Heavens Gate Bass Low Bullfight House Hit Insta Tech
Deep Analog Electro Meteoric Micro Moog House Piano Bass Me Buzzer House Nation Jupiter 2000
DX7 Syn Horn Evolution Mini Synth Italo Piano Bass Octave Cappella House Stab Multi Pattern
Electro Sweep Fantasy Pad Prophet Sqre Multi Organ Bass Slap Chill Out Just Hit Not Flabby
J6 Synth Flute Synth Rise Up Org Mid High Bass Tech Chord Limit Q Osc Groove
Jupiter Synth Ghostly Vox Rockw Synth Org The Rink Bass-Line Chort Vox Moog Blipp Perc Perq
Like Analog Grand String Super Lead Organe llica Bite Bass Church Clock Odd Organ Phantaz
Mr Brass Hard Sweep String Synced Perq Organ Boomin Con Ed 1 Old Classic Pulse Mini
Neo Prophet Hybrid String Too Funky Piano and Strings C64 Bass Con Ed 2 Orch Hit Too Pyle Driver
Paddy Keyz JD Strings TW Lead Pzycho Organ C64 Flanged Cyber Dist Orch Hit Rampage
Perc Vox Stack Juno Strings Wonder Brass Square Keys Cool Mini Dance Stab Organic Inst Risk It
Plain Poly Kalimba Pad   Stage Piano Deep Bass Data Osc Octave Scramble
PolyMoog Long String   Syn Ital Key Deep Dip Bass Decay Sweep Perq Voices Square Drifter
Prophet X Master Pad     Deep Mod Deep Random Pluck String Sweep It
Pulsation Mighty Pad     Dist Bass Deep Sweep Psycho Blip 1 Sync A Party
Stabby Synth Mighty Sweep     Do The Bass Dist Rezz Psycho Blip 2 Synth Funk
Syn Brass Again Mixed Choir     Dog House Bass Done Horn Rabotnique Take My Pulse
WS Analog Neo Prophet Mover     Don't Knock It Dooms day Rave Org Hit Tell Me Not
Pop Fusion Pad 2 Bubbles     Down Wid Da Bass Dream Dist Rave Zap The Prophet
Prophet Duo Pad Strings     Dubbed Bass Drip Drop Ray Stab Transit Drifter
Rez O Stack Phantazia     Euro Pop Bass Eery Keys RockHead Trust Me
Stab Pulse Pad     Face The Base Enter Devil Rpeg Me Please  
Synth Bells Pulse String     Fat Bass Envelope FX Saw Hit  
Synth Stack Sparkle Pad     FatiBass Ethnic Saw Stab 1  
SYX-Synth Spectre     Fatter Moog Fear FX Saw Stab 2  
T-8 Synth String Machine     FM Bass Filter Pitch Smash  
The Wave Trancit     Fonk Bass Flies Snap Horn  
Unison X-Rez Universe M1     Freq Mod Freq Sound Snap Synth  
Vector Vangelis     Funky Pay Bass FX Burst Some Vox  
Vel Pulse Vector     Gady Part Bass Ghandi Synth Space Blob  
Velocity Sync Vox Comp     Guess Again Heart Beat Space Fall  
Wave stave Wash Pad     Hear Diz Hit Sweep Space Harp  
        Heavy Bass Hooked Stab 1  
        Hit Me In Cave Sweep Stab 2  
        Hit This Indian Guit Stupid Hit  
        House Bass Industry Const Synthez  
        I Love It Industry Tech Chord  
        Ice Cubed Bass Infinitive Tek Grunge  
        JD Demon Bass Intro Tek Gtr 1200  
        John Blk Jr Lara Bell Tube Bell  
        JP8 U-Bass Lazer storm 1 Wood Bars  
        Juno Bass 1 Lazer storm 2 Belafon  
        Juno Bass 2 LFO Rate Groan Droan  
        Juno Bass 3 Lore Vodun Drums  
        Jupiter Bass Machine Vox Bass  
        Let Bass Kick Meow    
        Mass Metal Hit    
        Mega Bass Nemo    
        Micro Bass Noiz Fall 1    
        Micro SQ Noiz Fall 2    
        Moog M Bass Northern Wind    
        MoogI Nuclear    
        OBI Bass Osc Down 1    
        Octave 60 Osc Down 2    
        Octave Osc Rise    
        Ohh Bee Osc Up 1    
        Plucky Bass Osc Up 2    
        Pop Bass 1 Osc UpDn 1    
        Pop Bass 2 Osc UpDn 2    
        Popped Bass Osc Wind    
        Pro Bass Radio active    
        Puls Raw Toy 1    
        Re activate Raw Toy 2    
        Real C64 Rolling    
        Reverend Bass Short Rez    
        Rez Depth Bass Skirmish    
        Slap Bass Smaller Wind    
        Slappit Strange FX    
        Small Rezo TG Lazers    
        Smooth Bass The Bomb    
        Snap Bazz The Duel    
        Station Dist Twin Rezz    
        Stumpit Up and Go FX    
        Sub Bass Xeno phobes    
        Sub Space      
        Sweep Bass      
        TB 303      
        The Buzz      
        The Wasp      
        Trust Me Bass      
        Vari Fonk Bass      
        Worst Distmo      
        Zero Wasp