DSF Cakewalk Sound Center Clavinet

The Clavinet, designed by Ernst Zacharias to replicate the sound of a Clavichord, was a huge success for Hohner. Artists such as Stevie Wonder, the Commodores, Billy Preston and Foreigner, each made the Clavinet part of their trademark sound.

The Clavinet uses real strings, which are struck by rubber tipped hammers against a metal “anvil”. A pair of single coil, magnetic pickups convert the sound into an electrical signal for amplification. The 60-note, keyboard is velocity sensitive—the harder you play, the louder and more vibrant the tone. The Clavinet employs a combination of tone and pickup select switches, which can be used to vary the tone color. Original price: $700.00

Cakewalk Sound Center Clavinet Instrument Listing

Clavinet 1 2 3 Key Up
Clavinet 1 2 3
Clavinet 1 2 Layered
Clavinet 1 2
Clavinet 1 3 Layered
Clavinet 1 3
Clavinet 1 Key Up
Clavinet 1
Clavinet 2 3 Layered
Clavinet 2 3
Clavinet 2 Key Up
Clavinet 2
Clavinet 3 Key Up
Clavinet 3
Medium Stereo
Rock Clav 1
Rock Clav 2
Rock Clav 3